We've updated the model for delivering surgical care

Küre is a network of top surgeons who work together to improve quality and reduce costs through better care coordination and quality monitoring. We direct savings back to patients & employers and reward providers for excellent care. 

How it Works

1. Schedule a Küre program evaluation with one of our providers

2. If you are eligible for one of our bundled surgeries, we'll enroll you in Küre and your surgery will be scheduled

3. Have your surgery at one of our top rated facilities

4. Get one simple bill. NO out-of-network surprises, NO hidden fees

5. We'll check in afterwards to evaluate whether your issue is Küred

Our Pricing Philosophy

We believe patients don't deserve the additional stress of complicated and confusing bills. We offer simple, bundled pricing for all of our procedures, offering patients a single price for all of their surgical care.  Learn More